Is Your Vintage Barcelona Chair Fake or Genuine?

The Barcelona chair is an epitome of a modern way of living with lavish comfort. It makes a home appears fabulous and classy. This kind of bench is designed with the highest quality standard in mind. This explains why they are offered at a high price as compared to a common chair found in furniture shops today. Nevertheless, the best price vintage leather Barcelona chair is the one that are manufactured with aniline genuine leather. It is wide, flawless and has deep soft cushions. Hence, it is not too pricey when comfort and class is at stake.

best price Vintage Leather Barcelona chair
best price Vintage Leather Barcelona chair

The solid and robust stainless steel used as frames in most Barcelona chair, like the love seat versions, will ascertain longer years of trouble-free utilization. On one hand, its cushions are made of high density foam to bring an unmatched relaxation.

At present, many styles and kinds of Barcelona chairs are seen in the market but the vintage one has never lost its appeal. Vintage kind of chairs is like wine; they become even more valuable, tasteful and in-demand as they ages. It is a matter of investment, too. The challenge now, if you plan to buy Barcelona chair, is on how to spot the real and fake types. Below are some significant comparisons:

The Weld and Seams

While the fake type copies some of the vital features of the vintage Barcelona chair, spotting the difference is really difficult. However, the welds and seams of the genuine style are not visible. Its finish is also smooth and flawless. When you plan to buy one, see to it that there are no rough edges and uneven finishes.

The Proportion, Size and Stand

Just like the vintage Harry Bertoia wire chair of the 50’s, several kinds of vintage Barcelona chairs are also reproduced nowadays. The fakes are comparatively smaller while the stand is taller. Instead of having a wider appeal, it looks taller and tiny. Hence, not a comfortable seat to settle on.

The Cushions

Fake kinds of Barcelona chairs are stiff and straight. The type of leather being utilized is cheap, hard and glossy. They, too, are purely done in one piece and are pleated. The real one has been cut, upholstered with several panels, and hand-welted with buttons. When seen, it manifests the ease and extravagance promised by a true Barcelona chair. Ask the attendant for you to have a feel of the cushion. For sure, they will allow and give you the best price vintage leather Barcelona chair that you are looking for.

The Straps

The kind of straps used in a genuine vintage Barcelona chair is leather. If you happen to see vinyl, nylon or anything in cheaper kinds, walk away!

The pricing of the genuine types is significantly higher when compared to fake ones. Of course, you will save more money if you just purchase the imitation. But if you want the real investment, getting the real kind is recommended. Needless to say, with the economic downturn, many owners bring their possessions to auction sales. You will avail of the best price vintage leather Barcelona chair in these venues. It is second-hand yet the value, luxury and comfort it promises are still there. However, if you like to acquire a new one, visit and choose from their finest seat selections.