Three Quick Thai Meal Tips Everyone Can Learn!

The main reason most people hesitate to try out exotic dishes is because they think the recipes will be difficult to understand, and the meals are complicated and time-consuming to make. There are some foreign meals only experienced cooks should try out, but luckily you can go for quick Thai meals like the ones below that won’t stress you out at all!

quick thai meals


Thai Butter Chicken

Butter chicken can take hours to cook, but its speedy prep time won’t be a hassle to do in the morning and the chicken will be done by the time you get back at noon! The Thai butter chicken recipe is healthier because it’s not fried in loads of butter; instead, the lengthy cook time will make the chicken as soft as butter in your mouth.

Once you’ve minced and sautéed the onion, garlic, and ginger in butter, add two to three tablespoons of the curry powder of your choice, then add coconut two cups of fresh coconut milk and a bit of tomato sauce. After five minutes, add the chicken and cook on low heat for five hours. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can cut the chicken in small pieces, especially if you’re using chicken breasts, or serve them whole.

Vegetables in Thai Red Curry

Going for vegetables isn’t just healthy, it’s also one of the quick and easy Thai recipes you can whip up in less than an hour! You will need zucchini, cucumber, red pepper, mushrooms, and basil, but this recipe is very flexible and you can add or remove any vegetables you want.

Coconut milk, soy sauce, brown sugar, salt and pepper are all you need to add more flavor to the red curry paste, and your total cooking time won’t go beyond twenty minutes. You can serve with rice or enjoy as is.

Thai Beef Peanut Curry

If you’ve got half a kilo of beef, try your hand at one of the quick Thai meals that are easy to make. Cut the beef into pieces about two centimeters each and cook it with some coconut milk, Thai curry paste, and two tablespoons of peanut butter for a unique taste you won’t forget.

To cut back on the sweetness of the peanut butter, garnish with leaves of coriander and lime as well as two tablespoons or so of fish sauce. Add capsicum and green chilies if you like it spicy and some green beans to make this delicious dish look even more attractive. If you’re allergic to peanuts, use lemongrass stalks, ginger, and/or star anise instead, and this one dish will then become a variety of Thai fast recipes that you can modify to your taste!

You don’t need a lot of ingredients to create a delicious dish, and the recipes above are proof that they don’t need to take ages to create too! Since Thai curry pastes are already rich in flavor, you don’t need to buy a lot of spices at all to get a great taste. And with a few choice ingredients, you can enjoy the healthy and quick Thai meals anytime you like.