How to Talk to Your Child about Death

How to Talk to Your Child about Death

There is a traditional phrase that ‘death is a bad reaper’ and its reality can devastate even the innocence of a child. However best people try to avoid it, death has to come one day. Stakeholders such as homes for Perth funerals are stepping up their involvement to ensure that people can absorb the reality of death and move on with confidence even after death strikes in the family. However, many parents and guardians still struggle with how they can explain the concept of death to their children. Here are important suggestions on how to go about the subject with your 4-year old.

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Hit the point, but be honest

First off, explaining the concept of death to children helps them understand the reality of death. It also helps them cope effectively when death finally occurs. Experts from homes for funerals in Perth suggest that you be honest in your explanations about death. For example, if a family member has passed on, just tell the story as it is. If you say that the deceased is ‘sleeping’ for example, your child may ask more questions as to when the deceased will wake up from slumber. More questions are also possible when you say the person ‘went on a long trip’. Therefore, be honest, hit the point, and you can be able to help your child.

Listen to your child

Before you start explaining the concept of death to a child, get his or her view of the situation first. Children perceive and sense situations just as you, the adult, do. Getting their views first can reveal what they know about death and even death-related institutions such as homes for Perth funerals.

When you get your child’s view about death, address any misconceptions using age-appropriate words and phrases. For instance, if you deal with children six years old and younger, you can simply say ‘the body stopped working’, to help them understand that leads to a permanent collapse of the body mechanisms.

For teenagers, they actually do understand the meaning of death but may struggle with its reality, especially on first-time experiences. In that situation, provide reassurance and provide age-appropriate explanations. From reliable websites of institutions for funerals Perth has to offer, you can obtain more information on how to explain death to a grieving child.

Preserve your identity as a parent

As a parent or guardian, you should understand that children’s understanding is relative to their age. They can engross themselves in a situation for one minute and the next minute their mind is on something different. Therefore, don’t extend your grief response to your child to an extent that you confuse him or her.

For instance, when death strikes the family, you should observe how your child responds to the situation. Unfamiliar responses such as panic attacks, physical ailments, or sleep problems may be signs of ineffective response to the situation.

In addition, reliable websites of Perth funerals may contain valuable information on how to deal with death situations in the family. They can also provide adequate information on how to conduct the best funerals in Perth.