Safety Measures for Using Inbuilt Gas Heaters

Safety Measures for Using Inbuilt Gas Heaters

Recently it was in the news that an accident occurred in a gas heater while a family was at home. The reason for such a happening was attributed to lack of safety checks that should be conducted before you switch on your gas heater. Safety checks should always be done on gas heaters in order to prevent accidents from leakage of the hazardous carbon monoxide gas. Until technicians have done safety checks, people have been warned to switch off their gas heaters. If the inbuilt heater is not installed properly or if it is subjected to extreme conditions, it can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Inbuilt gas heaters look spectacular and can keep your home cozy in winter. However, a few safety measures must be kept in mind for using these heaters to prevent accidents.

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Choosing a perfect gas heater for your home

The gas heaters can give great warmth to your house. They are available in various designs and finishes. The glass fronts are very attractive. They can enhance your home décor and the best thing is that there are many options to choose from. The illusion log fires are designed in such a way that they look like traditional wood log fireplaces.

The gas heaters can heat your room efficiently. Ultimate fires are exquisitely designed gas heaters that can warm your home quickly. You can start it instantly by turning on the switch unlike a wood burning fireplace. It can instantly warm your room and make you feel good. Just sitting in front of the heater with a book in your hand and coffee by your side can uplift your mood. Moreover, you don’t have to clean the ash and the soot frequently. They burn clean and therefore there is no hassle in cleaning it.

You can regulate inbuilt gas heaters by remote controls or thermostats. Therefore, there is no fear of fire epping. You can install them into walls or existing fireplaces. You can also keep them freestanding in your room. The indoor air quality is much better when you choose a gas heater for your home. Check out

Safety measures for gas heaters

Although there are many reasons for choosing a gas heater for your house, you must take some safety measures while using the heater. Gas is an efficient, convenient and safe energy source for various purposes such as heating, cooking and lighting.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Before winter arrives, you must get your gas heaters checked properly to prevent accidents due to carbon monoxide poisoning. You should call a technician to your house and get your indoor gas heaters tested thoroughly for leakage of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas which is often produced by gas heaters that are not serviced and checked for a long time. This gas can be fatal to your health.

How does carbon monoxide leakage occur

The chimneys of the gas heaters remove the unburnt products safely, but their function can start deteriorating over time. Holes or pits in the mortar can prevent the chimney from drawing unburnt combustion products safely. This will eventually result in back pressure, pushing toxic CO into your room. Therefore, inbuilt gas heaters should be inspected and serviced every two years to ensure safety.

Many people forget to get their heaters checked as they are used for only a few months. However, it is extremely important to take safety measures for your gas heaters to keep your family safe from accidents.