An Online Marketing Crash Course

An Online Marketing Crash Course

Before the invention of internet, businesses employed the use of various media such as television, newspapers, radios, trade fair, word of mouth among other traditional means to advertise for their products and services. Today, online marketing is taking the lead in advertisement. The Internet is becoming the biggest marketplace where you can sell your items without spending a lot of money. In a study made by Interconnected World, it has been found out that around sixty one percent of online users worldwide use the internet to look for a product. However, no matter how good your product is, if your customers do not like your website or they are not able to see it in the virtual world, then it is almost useless. This is where the web developers Brisbane has today come in to help you. So, read on to this article to find out more.

Content Marketing

It is defined as a strategic approach to marketing where instead of shouting out the product, the content marketing company such as digital8 Content Marketing instead creates a need through strategically made content. Because of that, it attracts customers to be interested into a certain product or service and to ultimately convert article views into purchases. According to Content Marketing Institute, because of the great conversion rates that content marketing create, companies are allotting 42% of their total budget on online marketing to the mentioned online marketing strategy.

Web design

As the cliché goes, first impressions last. Well, that is true for web designs. According to NN group it only takes 10 seconds for a website to create an impression to its users. In a study made by Econsultancy, around 40% of their respondents indicated that they will no longer engage with a website if it takes too more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, the web developers Brisbane has as your choice should prioritize speed and efficiency. Check Digital8 for more details.

Aesthetics also plays an important role when it comes to converting search result clicks into profit. According to Adobe, approximately 39 percent of people that do not like the appearance or the content of a certain website abandon them. This means that your website should not only be fully operational and fast, it should be attractive as well. According to Inspired Magazine, most internet users prefer content that are presented visually. This is the reason why videos and info graphics are such huge hits. Adding this to your website will almost make sure that your website will be a huge hit.

Things to remember

Before hiring the web developers Brisbane has, make sure that you have explored all the possible candidates that you will be investing at. Remember that choosing one can make or break your business. So, be smart about it. In addition to that, you should have an overall knowledge of your business line, target audience and target market. By knowing these things, telling your web developer what to do will be a lot easier. As true as that is, you are the owner of your company and nobody should know it better than you. Therefore, never let your web developer tell you what to do or make decisions for you. Take suggestions, but don’t let them decide.